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death to technofascism sneakers



fashion sense has no limits when skulls and knives are concerned.  add typewriters and you have the triumverate symbol of technofascist destruction and probably a lot of great comments from interesting people.

these extremely comfortable high-top classic sneakers with custom TYPEWRITER.WORKS "typewriter rebel"design in 600 dpi are made to last and impress - a truly original way to express one's desire to eliminate the technofascist and their technofeudal dreams while inspiring new fashion trends.  wow!  now you're a forward-thinking philosopher of sociopolitical fashion statements!

next:  WORLD DOMINATION!  muah ha ha ha HAAAAAA!


.: material: 27.87 oz. nylon canvas
.: durable rubber outsole
.: 5" calf height
.: black stitching and black interior like your antifa heart

US 4.5US 5.5US 6.5US 7.5US 8US 8.5US 9US 9.5US 10US 10.5US 11US 12US 13US 14
EU size373839.540.5414242.5434444.545464849
UK size45677.588.599.51011121314
Heel to toe (inside), in9.109.309.6010.0010.1010.3010.5010.6010.8011.0011.1011.5011.7011.90


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