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kermit thee typewriter

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kermit’s a glow-in-the-dark smith-corona 5-series sterling with turquoise platen, meso-american tattoo on the bottom, a flowery typebar cover and a custom satin brass-colored faceplate.

meet kermit thee typewriter (KTT). he's not your standard typewriter, he's an art typewriter, a 1964 SCM sterling (5 series) with low miles. serial number 5AX-285147. he's green. he's an adventurer, having recently returned from a pilgrimage through the jungles of southeast mexico to have the bottom half of his body tattooed in a meso-american motif. kermit is kind of a badass. he glows in the dark.

inside, he's a lean mean writing machine. kermit's relatively quiet for a 59 year-old machine because his sides and typebar cover are lined inside with felt-backed faux alligator texture print in antique brass. his mechanics have been thoroughly cleaned and adjusted for perfect performance. his platen's like new, covered in turquoise rubber.

novelist? kermit's yer man. street poet? imagine the attention. angry cabin-dwelling manifesto author? kermit's the one frivolous item in your world of making everybody pay.

he is the embodiment of freedom from artificial intelligence and surveillance capitalism.

his faceplate is a piece of 36 gauge foil stamped with the floral motif then strengthened with a layer of jb weld on the back, brassy/golden automotive wrap all 'round and more coats of crystal clear on top than anyone can count. including scientologists.

kermit thee typewriter gleams zen-like reflections of everything around him. everything is him. yet everything is not him. see? kermit both becomes and reflects everything. he is what a great writer aspires to be.

when i received kermit, he was grungy everywhere. it was disassembled, given a chemical bath, blown dry with an air compressor, then with 30 pointy cotton swabs with wooden handles, KTT was painstakingly detailed.

while this was occurring, the body was sanded, painted bright green with strips of gold auto vinyl. the custom faceplate was made as described above and then kermit was painted with three layers of crystal enamel clearcoat. then the waterslide graphics, designed by typewriter.works, were applied. then four more coats of crystal clear enamel paint with each coat sanded with 1500 grit and polished with flitz brand plastic & metal polish. kermit is a seriously reflective typewriter. not distracting, as his graphics deter any mirror-like effect, but still beautiful.

if you're really into kermit's story, visit the OUR TYPEWRITERS page for more amusement; an 80-second video featuring kermit thee typewriter and skulls!  SKULLS!

peace out everyone. thank you for checking kermit out!


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