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mister mid-mod i. elite ~ SOLD! ~


meet mister mid-mod i. elite, the mid-century modern design of a 1968 olympia sf ultraportable typewriter.

the olympia sf (german abbreviation for "flat typewriter") is arguably the best ultraportable typewriter ever created but this one-of-a-kind example has been repainted in nickel and silver and given a mid-century modern makeover.  when was the last time you saw an olympia sporting an italic elite typeface as mister elite sports?  never, that's when.  but mister elite's got it.  and he's freaking awesome.

he's a very low-mileage machine and his rubber, from feet to platen, is still soft.  he grips your desk like a gecko grips a tree and his platen bounces, leaving your papers free of holes an old, hard platen might leave.  his case?  try 'n snag his zipper!  that's how clean and free of stink, stain and rust he is.

as with every typewriter.works art machine, mister elite comes with a two year mechanical warranty and guaranteed to survive the zombie apocalypse or your brains are free.


his text alignment has been perfectly adjusted, his mechanics meticulously cleaned.  a 56 year-old machine in this natural condition comes along very rarely.  get him while you still can.


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