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each member shall receive a very cheaply made yet personally hand-made lifetime membership card as well as an assortment off TECHNOFASCIST ELIMINATION MOVEMENT stickers picked at random by the TYPEWRITER.WORKS german shepherd rescue dog, “the traveller.”  yes.  two L’s.

do you like troublemaking but often refrain?

are you an instigator of sociopolitical conversation/arguments but only in your frustrated heart?

does the concept of "technofascist" and/or "billionaire" fill you with uncontrollable rage?


now you can channel these emotions publicly with TYPEWRITER.WORKS TECHNOFASCIST ELIMINATION MOVEMENT t-shirts, hoodies and stickers.  our mission is to inform the public of the threats from surveillance capitalism (privacy!) and artificial intelligence (planning to kill us all!).

each membership comes with a hand-made lifetime membership card printed and personally typed upon on by T.E.M.'s founder, dr. trent f. reker.  this membership is guaranteed to be the only membership doktoreker will ever lend his precious name!  how rare!

become a full-fledged member of the top secret movement for all to see. because seeing is believing. not so secret any more, huh chump?  NOW, LET'S MAKE SOME MUSKOVITES AND SUNDRY SUCKERS BELIEVE!


(everything is really illusion but let's pretend belief here, okay?  thanks for playing.)


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