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technofascists i’d kill to feed the world 15oz coffee mug



a 15oz (0.44l) mug means serious business.  you're drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee and you don't care.  but where to get the right 15oz coffee tub? 

GOOD NEWS! i have the perfect coffee mug for YOU.  taken from the cover of one of the notebooks for sale on typewriter.works, and designed in a midcentury modern grunge (it's a thing 'cause i said so) with the most asskicking dragon in the fucking world, it clearly gives you thoughts to ponder as you dive into your second cup of extreme awakeness.

"technofascists i'd kill to feed the world."  yeah, you're already thinking of elon m*sk.  got some funny stickers for that wanker, too.

the cup is easy to grip and feel sturdy thanks to the C-shaped handle.

: black ceramic material with a glossy finish
: zero lead and BPA-free

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