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typewriters for life black canvas boots



black boots.  because that's how antifa rolls.  typewriters are all antifa.  just ask any of 'em and they'll regale you of the times they wrote letters from allied spies in ww2, how they rallied troops against franco and mussolini.  typewriters and fascism fighting, they go together like kafka and confusion, trump and crime, supreme court judges and bribes.

typewriters kill fascists and these boots are the perfect statement against technofeudalism and political cults.

while these nylon canvas boots are total ass kickers, they also provide soft and comfortable wearing, with breathable foam insoles to ensure anti-heat, anti-moisture and anti-corrosion conditions.  they're made for everyday wearing and to show that you and typewriters, it's for life.

these boots pair great with molotov cocktails and ink stained fingertips.

.: 37.74 oz. nylon canvas
.: 7 - 10,5 US sizes
.: rubber sole with rear pull-loop

 US 7US 8US 8.5US 9US 10US 10.5
EU size394041424344
UK size6.577.588.59
Heel to toe (inside), in10.0810.2810.3510.5510.8311.06
Insole Width, in3.393.433.503.583.623.70
Outsole Width, in4.

.: please use the metric system for a more precise size guide

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