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TYPEWRITERS!  is there anything they can't do?  a typewriter just sitting on your desk next to your macbook surface tab pad lowers your blood pressure!  i kid you not.  writing on typewriters means there's no "fear of missing out" (on bullshit).  you're not compelled to share now now NOW!  and it's not spying on you, sending all your data to billionaire technofascists because a typewriter will never snitch.  tell it anything.  it listens and faithfully transmits your consciousness without word and grammar "suggestions."  can't spell it?  who cares!  also, buy a freaking dictionary and a thesaurus.  yeah!  THESAURUS!


parents, buy your stressed out teens typewriters.  not that "new" junk slapped together with super glue and tin from mobile homes.  for the same price you can get a used machine that's been cleaned up, tightened up, and ready to spend the next 50 years being patient as young writers fearlessly spill their visions onto these amazing machines. 

HALF (50%) OUR PROFIT FROM THIS DESIGN WILL BE DONATED TO MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA (mhanational.org), where 82.5% of every dollar actually goes to those in need.  visit typewriter.works in january, 2024 to see receipts for donations made thanks to you and know you've helped someone struggling with depression and all that can come with it.  thank you.

each matte canvas comes with back hanging already included for convenient placement.  the frame is made with profile radial pine that is ethically sourced from renewable forests.

.: materials: cotton and polyester composite (canvas), pine wood (frame)
.: soft rubber dots on bottom back corners for support
.: back hanging included
.: inner frame made with radial pine sourced from renewable forests


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