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everything you find here is designed by typewriter.works and manufactured at numerous locations as made-to-order products.  questions about products and shipping must be directed to the manufacturer of the product.  the only items made in-house are custom art typewriters, dark humor, all the grafix on this website and a masterclass in gen-x sarcasm.  send $99 to $trentreker (cashapp) to find out more.

each machine we sell comes with a two-year mechanical warranty. the owner is responsible for keeping the exterior clean and blemish free, but the workings of the typewriter shall remain trouble free for at least two years under any use that isn’t underwater or we’ll fix it at our expense.


we only replace items if they are defective or damaged. if you need to exchange your custom art machine for a similar typewriter (no typewriters sold at typewriter .works are the same) or something different altogether, send us an email at a.i.sucks@typewriter.works and we will find a solution which works for everyone.

we don’t anticipate this ever happening and there is no promise explicit or inferred that we will take a machine back in exchange but we are willing to leave that option available in a case-by-case basis.

need help?

contact us at a.i.sucks@typewriter.works if you are having difficulty with a company who made and sent you any product we designed.  we will do everything possible to make the situation right.

the typewriter.works zombie apocalypse survivor guarantee
2 year mechanical guarantee