typewriter eating lightning eyed antifa punk rock skull of tomorrow

a reflection of mind

typewriter.works is 100% human made surveillance capitalism and artificial intelligence free custom analog art machines
typewriter hungry lightning-eyed antifa rock skull of tomorrow says try this at home
the bukowski bro intro letter

do you own a machine you’d like to turn into the perfect art typewriter?

at typewriter.works you can commission your own typewriter made from your own idea.  send us what you want customized or we’ll buy the typewriter you seek ’cause we’re pros at winning ebay auctions.

first thing to do is contact us using the short form below and let us know about your dream analog art machine:

6 + 12 =

technofascist elimination h.q.

185 jb lane

sharps chapel, tn  37866

open hours

M – F:  10am – 6pm (eastern time)

S – S:  whatever i feel like



typewriter hungry lightning eyed antifa rock skull of tomorrow!